My research experience is in both an academic environment, and community based organisations such as Enviroschools. I have written on a number of topics including the use of resilience as a form of activism, attachment to place following disruption and the role of politics in disaster recovery.

More widely, I’m interested in the historical context of and political response to environmental and social justice issues.

I hold a PhD from RMIT University and a Master of Environmental Studies (Distinction) from Victoria University of Wellington.

See below for a brief resume. Please get in touch if you are interested in more detail:


RMIT University, Melbourne:

Doctor of Philosophy in Global, Urban and Social Sciences

Victoria University of Wellington:

Masters of Environmental Studies (Distinction)

Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Geography

Telford Rural Polytechnic:

Organic Horticulture Certificate


Research Publications


Cretney, R. 2018. Beyond Public Meetings: Diverse forms of Community Led Recovery Following Disaster. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction. 28. pp.122-130

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Cretney, R. 2014, Resilience for Whom? Emerging Critical Geographies of Socio-ecological Resilience. Geography Compass, 8: 627–640.


Media Publications:

Cretney, R. 2016. Christchurch five years on: have politicians helped or hindered the earthquake recovery? The Conversation and SBS News, February 20th

Cretney, R. 2016 Christchurch Five Years On. Radio Interview. 2SER Sydney, February 23rd


Online Publications:

Cretney, R. 2015. Mapping the Transition Movement in Aotearoa/New Zealand, Blog Post for the Transition Network.

Cretney, R. 2015. Crisis Politics and Neoliberal Disaster Recovery in Christchurch. Fightback Online Magazine.



Recreating Resilience after Disaster. Presentation at The Resilience Machine Workshop, Virginia Tech, Washington, United States of America, September 2016.

Disaster as a Time of Crisis and Hope: The emergence of community led post disaster recovery. Presentation at the Royal Geographical Society Conference. London, United Kingdom, August, 2016.

-Hope and Crisis in Everyday Disaster Recovery: Community led action following the Christchurch earthquake. Presentation at Institute of Australian Geographers Conference. Adelaide, Australia, June 2016.

The Post-Disaster City:  Urban Crisis Politics and Social Change in Community Led Earthquake Recovery. Presentation at Australian Early Career Researchers Network Research Symposium. Melbourne University, Australia, February 2016.

Timbanking to Build Community Resilience in Wellington, New Zealand. Presentation at the Monash Disaster Resilience Initiative Forum. Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, May 2014.

Community Preparedness and Resilience – Lessons from Lyttelton. Presentation at Grassroots activism and Preparedness seminar. Wellington, New Zealand, June, 2013.

Disruptions to Place Identity during Disasters. Presentation at Place and Displacement Conference in Melbourne, Australia, November, 2012.

Community Resilience and Place Identity in Lyttelton. Presentation at Victoria University of Wellington PGSA seminar. Wellington, New Zealand, February, 2013.


Work Experience:

Teaching Fellow at Waikato University, New Zealand 2018.

Research Assistant at Waikato University, New Zealand 2017-ongoing.

Research Assistant at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia 2016. NVivo analysis

Research Assistant at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia 2014. Working on literature review for Cyborg Urbanisation project

Research Assistant at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand 2012/13. Working on Transition Towns in Aotearoa/New Zealand research project.

Head Tutor for Geography/Development Studies312 at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand 2013.

Social Media Science Communications for Motu Economic and Public Policy Research, 2013

Tutor for Sociology, Geography, Development Studies and Environmental studies at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia (2017), Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia (2014) and Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, (2010-2013).

Enviroschools Researcher, 2009

Enviroschools Mentor and Facilitator, 2008-2009