Emergency preparedness gets a trial run in Wellington!

Kia ora all,

Well, it has certainly been a geologically active time in Central Aotearoa in the past month! Seddon and the surrounding area (including the capital city and my current city, Wellington) have been rocked by two large earthquakes of shallow depth in the last month. A phenomenon which I’m told is rare and described as a doublet. Thankfully not a triplet as was experienced in the Philippines when three large earthquakes struck in an hour!

These events have not claimed any lives but have resulted in widespread property damage in Seddon and minor damage in Wellington. Such times are a good reminder for individuals, communities and organisations to be prepared, get to know their neighbours and remember that we live in an unstable world.

If you’re wondering what you can do to prepare for another large quake or other event check out this wonderful NZ site:


If you’re in the affected regions – check on your neighbours and perhaps get to know them a bit better. It is now widely thought that the best thing you can do to prepare (as well as having food and water supplies) is to get to know your neighbours and the people in your street.

You could also join a local community organisation. If you are in Wellington – check out the time bank – a fantastic organisation I have been involved in since I lived in Newtown. In a timebank you swap time credits for an hour of your time. See more here


We had an meeting about emergency preparedness two weekends ago so a group of time bankers will be keeping in touch with members about how to get more prepared in the near future!

Here is a picture of me and Jason Paul from WREMO at the meeting taken by the lovely Barbara Gibbs.


For more information on the quakes Geonet and the Wellington Regional Emergency Office aka WREMO are your best sources!